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Home visit support

Welcome to our three pages supporting you around home visiting - here you can find out about support for home visiting. View our info videos below or go straight to navigation.

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Will I be able to get a visit?

Are you in one of these groups? Hover overClick each statement for an explanation:

I am completely bedbound and unable to move

We have no problem at all seeing those who are confined to bed

I am terminally ill or near to end-of-life

We have no problem at all seeing those who are at most clinical need

I am so poorly that I would come to harm if I were moved

We will always assess your request and agree with you the best course of action


I think I need a home visit

Click below if you think you qualify for a home visit:

You are in one of the above groups and think you might need a visit

Hover over for more information:

If you are mobile, even if you require aids or support, please book a surgery appointment

Any patient who is mobile, even with difficulty, should attend surgery

If you are in one of the above groups, and need medical help, you may need a visit

We have no problem at all seeing those who are at most clinical need

Please ring 01773 514130 before 10.30am so that your call can be assessed

Ringing earlier than later allows the doctor to assess your request and plan their day effectively around home visits for the benefit of all patients


Where can I get more information?

Download our policy and leaflets

View our information videos

Home visiting
Reasons to
ring 999

Home visiting policy

Home visiting policy

Home visiting policy


Key points

Hover overClick each statement for an explanation:

Lack of transport or money is not a valid reason for a home visit

If you can go to other appointments, please attend surgery

We can always accommodate patients in surgery in planned appointments, and will always aim to see vulnerable patients sooner rather than later to avoid excessive waiting

You may need 999 if you are so poorly that you cannot come to surgery

If you are normally able-bodied, but now genuinely cannot attend the surgery, this may mean you have a medical emergency that needs a 999 ambulance or attendance at A+E

We do not provide visits for the sake of patient convenience

We realise you may not be completely well, but we do not provide visits merely because you do not wish to leave the house

Frail, elderly or those with poor mobility are still better seen in surgery

There are almost no conditions that would not benefit from a full and proper assessment in well-lit and better equipped premises

Please read on below for help in getting to the surgery

Find out out transport, support services and other sources of help


Step 1 Who can help me get to the surgery?

Public Transport

Find out about public transport in order to get to us.

Taxi Services

Several local taxi firms are available.

NHS Patient Transport Derbyshire

NSL Care Services provides non-emergency patient transport for patients needing to attend Derby Hospital appointments. Patients should ring 0843 3571553 where trained staff will assess eligibility for transport. If during making the call it is found that you are not eligible, staff will have information on what alternatives might be available. Download a leaflet .

Amber Valley Community Transport

This service is for people who have difficulty using public transport either because they have restricted mobility or where their transport needs cannot be met by the existing transport network. Priority will be given to people with health appointments which can include visits to clinics, doctors, dentists, opticians and health visits but other destinations will be considered, for example, hairdressing appointments and visiting friends and family.

The service will be delivered by volunteers using their own cars or the Community Transport accessible vehicle when necessary for wheelchair users. A mileage charge will be applicable on all journeys to cover running costs. All bookings should be made as far in advance as possible but every effort will be made to accommodate late requests. To book please ring 01773 746652 or visit Amber Valley Community Transport .

Shopping Buses

The Dial-a-Bus scheme visits many areas of Amber Valley on a rota basis. It makes local towns accessible for people who have difficulty using public transport.

It is also a door-to-door service and you can book journeys in advance. The bus picks up passengers from home and takes them to town for shopping, meeting friends, family or visiting the library. Fares are in line with concessionary rates. To book please ring 01773 746652 or visit Amber Valley Community Transport .

Grab a Cab

The councils run a free transport service to help you get to certain vaccination appointments and health screening appointments. Please visit Derbyshire County Council website for more info, or download the information poster .


Step 2 Are there any other support services?

Advice Service for Carers

Derbyshire Carers Association can talk to patients about accessing a sitting service or other carer options for those members of the family who cannot be left alone when a carer needs to come to surgery. Please ring the Ripley Head Office on 01773 743355 and ask to speak to Louise for more information.

Sitter Service for Carers

Derbyshire County Council has contacts with voluntary sector to provide sitting services. Whether you can use their services will depend on the type of sitting required such as whether the cared for person will require personal care and where the carer lives. Please ring 01629 537763 during office hours, or visit Derbyshire County Council for more information .


Step 3 Who else can I turn to for help?

Useful numbers

Visit our numbers page for contact details of other NHS workers and organisations who can help you.

Help page

Visit our help page for information on who to turn to first for help with your symptom or condition.

Symptom Checker

Visit our symptom checker page to check what to do about your symptom or condition.


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