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Physiotherapy SHORTCUT

This is a self-referral/self-help advice page for your condition

Your condition is best managed by self-referring to physiotherapy


I work with lots of patients who have muscle or joint problems. That includes people recovering from serious injuries or illness, and those with new injuries.

I can book scans and tests, and even organise joint injections, which used to need a GP. We're also trained to spot 'red flags', which means we can recognise when a joint or muscle problem may be a sign of something more serious.

This is great because patients can come to me without needing to wait for a GP appointment.

Information on this service


Physio Direct is the traditional service. First Contact Physio is the new service which is more suited for a more prompt assessment of an acute problem. Either service is designed to assess you thoroughly and investigate or refer on as needed. See below for details


Physio Direct can assess your condition, investigate as appropriate and escalate onwards to other services as necessary, including musculoskeletal service (MSK) and hospital orthopaedics

To access this service, please ring 01335 230079


First Contact Physio is a new service designed to be first port of call for any patient with a musculoskeletal problem with a prompt (often same day) appointment sooner than you can get with the GP

You will receive a comprehensive assessment and be advised on next steps including further investigation and/or treatment (including appropriate pain relief) as necessary. There is no need to speak to or be assessed by a GP first before using this service

To access this service, please ring reception and ask for the First Contact Physio service

What example conditions does this service deal with?

  • Back pain
  • Education
  • Exercise advice
  • Gait problems
  • Joint problems
  • Muscle problems
  • Neck pain
  • Poor mobility
  • Posture advice
  • Rehabilitation
  • Shoulder pain
  • Skeletal problems
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Sports injuries

Does this service accept self-referral?

You can self-refer to this service without seeing or speaking to a GP first

How do I get to this service?

How do I find this page in future?

Bookmark this page in your browser by pressing CTRL and D or type the shortcut

Are there any other services I can refer myself to?

Please see our index of services you can self-refer to or type the shortcut or