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Care Co-ordinator SHORTCUT

This is a self-referral/self-help advice page for your condition

Your condition is best managed by contacting our care co-ordinator

What example conditions does this service deal with?

  • Aids in the home
  • Co-ordinating care
  • Discharge review
  • Liaising with social care
  • Referring for help
  • Signposting

Does this service accept self-referral?

You can self-refer to this service without seeing or speaking to a GP first

How do I get to this service?

The care co-ordinator is based at the surgery and works closely with the community matron, social prescriber and other members of the primary health care team.

How do I find this page in future?

Bookmark this page in your browser by pressing CTRL and D or type the shortcut

Are there any other services I can refer myself to?

Please see our index of services you can self-refer to or type the shortcut or

Care Co-ordinator