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Patient Group

Join our group and have your say in improving services for patients.

What is a Patient Reference Group (PRG)?

With an update to the GP contract in April 2011, came a requirement for each practice to set up its own Patient Reference Group (PRG). A PRG is the new name for what was previously called a Patient Participation Groups (PPG).

A new PRG was established in January 2013 and it is called the Ivy Grove Patient Group or simply PG, for short.

What issues does the PG look at?

The PG consists of a group of interested registered patients who are representative of our practice population at large. The group would meet regularly to discuss issues and ways of improving services for the benefit of patients in agreement with the practice. Sometimes surveys are completed to identify issues, and results would be collated and an action plan agreed.

I've heard about a virtual group. What's that?

Membership of the PG is open to all currently registered patients of Ivy Grove Surgery. However, some patients may be unable or unwilling to attend PRG meetings. It may be possible to talk to, debate issues with, get consensus from, agree actions with members of the PRG without their need to attend face to face meetings, a so-called virtual PRG.

How can I contact the PG or join it?

If you are a registered patient at the surgery, then, of course, you are more than welcome to join!

You can contact the group in several ways.

  • Come to any meeting of the Patient Group - details of the next meeting are always posted at the top of this page
  • Email the group at
  • Contact Ian Bonser, our practice manager, on 01773 514130 who will pass on your message to group members
  • Apply to join the online discussion group and communicate directly with Patient Group members