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You can self-refer to (almost) all of these services without seeing or speaking to a GP first

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Self-referral means seeing the right professional for your condition. Services listed here are set up to accept referral directly from patients themselves without needing to speak to or see the GP first. This allows the GP to spend their time and resources on treating more people who need to see their doctor and helps them to maintain safe and effective services. This is not something Ivy Grove have just made up - an official NHS leaflet , NHS video and Derbyshire healthy page explain how General Practice is evolving with new roles and workers whom you can access directly


Just click on the service you think you want - the page will show you what conditions or issues that service deals with and how to get in touch with that service. If it's not what you're looking for, come back to this page. Don't worry about referring yourself to the wrong service. Staff at the service will always advise you accordingly. But if you're really stuck and have no idea who can deal with your problem, please see our symptom checker, help page or ring us

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