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I decided to undertake extra training so I can help patients with more complex problems.

Now I can prescribe medicines, order tests and interpret the results, and work on treatment plans with patients.

I can help a lot more patients, freeing up the doctors to see patients with the most urgent or complicated health issues.


Community matrons are now called 'Enhanced clinical practitioners'.

Information on this service

What conditions does this service deal with?

  • Health education
  • Home visits
  • Improve quality care
  • Manage long-term cases
  • Physical assessments
  • Reduce admissions
  • Complex patients

Does this service accept self-referral?

You can self-refer to this service without seeing or speaking to a GP first

How do I get to this service?

The community matron is based at the surgery and works closely with the care co-ordinator, social prescriber and other members of the primary health care team.

How do I find this page in future?

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Are there any other services I can refer myself to?

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