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Benefits of a Patient Access account

A single Patient Access account will allow you to:

Apply for a Patient Access account

Step 1 Get to know about online access

Step 2 Complete required application form


Patients are still welcome to register, however, our receptionists may conduct a video call with you, or ask you to send a photograph to confirm your identity.

To register, you will need to drop off your completed paperwork in our letterbox and we will contact you. Please make sure we have your correct contact details so that we can get in touch with you to confirm your ID.

Step 3 Bring completed form(s) to reception

  • We need to confirm your identity face-to-face and ensure that your form has been completed correctly
  • We may need to check your records (or if a proxy application, we may need to check records of the patient) before granting full access to view medical records
  • If things are in order, you will be given some personal registration details

Step 4 Register with Patient Access

  • With the registration details we give you, register with Patient Access

Step 5 Login to Patient Access

Step 6 Patient Access service not working?

Order prescriptions SHORTCUT

Steps to take to order your prescriptions online:


If you need help from us, please ring us

Book appointments

Steps to take to book an appointment online:

View medical records

Any patient aged 16 or over may apply for access to view their medical records online. Applications and patient records will be checked by the practice to ensure that it is appropriate for a patient record to be viewed online.

Steps to take to view records online:

Access by proxies

You may apply for proxy access to the medical record of a patient. We will only grant access in the following circumstances:

  • Register for an account as above
  • You have the patient's written consent
  • You are a parent or guardian of a child under 12 - please see note below regarding proxy access
  • You have Lasting Power of Attorney over the patient for Health and Welfare
  • You are a Court Appointed Deputy for the patient
  • If, in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005, the doctor feels it is in the patient's best interests for you to have access, e.g., you are the carer for a person with learning disability


We will automatically remove parents' and proxies' existing access to children's records when a child reaches the age of 12, in order to preserve confidentiality of the child concerned. Once removed, we will only grant access to a child's records in exceptional circumstances.

Removing online access does not affect a parent's ability to book appointments, request medication or seek advice for their under-16 children in the conventional manner


Patient Access (the online prescription order, appointment booking and medical record viewing service) is affiliated with EMIS, our computer system supplier, and relies on an internet connection between EMIS and our computer system in the surgery.

In order to help our patients, we provide the links to these online services, however, we are not responsible for any issues you may have with EMIS or Patient Access, and we do not have any direct input into the internal workings of EMIS or Patient Access in order to fix any problems that may occur.
Having problems?

In the event of any problems, please visit the Patient Access Status page to see if the Patient Access site is working, or the help page at Patient Access for troubleshooting information.

If the service still does not appear to be working, please let us know so that we may inform the provider of the service.

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