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How to apply for an online account

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View aspects of your medical record

Problems with the service

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How to apply for an online account

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Apply for an online Patient Access account

How to register

A single Patient Access account will give you online access to your clinical record so that you may request prescriptions online, book appointments and view aspects of your medical record. Please follow these simple directions below to get started:

1. Read our guidance on using online clinical services appropriately

2. Complete the required application form

3. Bring your completed form(s) to reception

  • We need to confirm your identity face-to-face and ensure that your form has been completed correctly
  • We may need to check your records (or if a proxy application, we may need to check records of the patient) before granting full access to view medical records
  • If things are in order, you will be given some personal login details

4. Register for your online account with the login details we gave you

  • Visit Patient Access (link open in a new window) or type the shortcut ivy.gs/onlinereg into your browser address bar to register an account using the details we have provided or click below

Register an account with Patient Access

5. Once registered, you can login to Patient Access

Login to Patient Access now

6. Patient Access service not working?

Repeat prescription ordering online > ivy.gs/rx

You may order your prescriptions online:

Appointment booking online

We have most of our appointments available to book online now:

View aspects of medical records online

Any patient aged 16 or over may apply for access to view their medical records online.

Access by proxies

You may apply for proxy access to the medical record of a patient. In order to apply, download the proxy registration application form as above. We will only grant access in the following circumstances:

Important note regarding proxy access to children's records

We will automatically remove parents' and proxies' existing access to children's records when a child reaches the age of 12, in order to preserve confidentiality of the child concerned. Once removed, we will only grant access to a child's records in exceptional circumstances.

Removing online access does not affect a parent's ability to book appointments, request medication or seek advice for their under-16 children in the conventional manner.

Problems with the online service

Patient Access (the online prescription order, appointment booking and medical record viewing service) is provided by EMIS, our computer system supplier, and relies on an internet connection between EMIS and our computer system in the surgery. In order to help our patients, we provide the links to these online services, however, we are not responsible for any issues you may have with EMIS or Patient Access, and we do not have any direct input into the internal workings of EMIS or Patient Access in order to fix any problems that may occur.
► Click here if you are experiencing problems

In the event of any problems, please visit the Patient Access Status page to see if the Patient Access site is working (link opens in a new window). Also, please see the help page at Patient Access for more troubleshooting information (link opens in a new window). If the service still does not appear to be working, please let us know so that we may inform the provider of the service. Our telephone number is 01773 514130.

Guidance on Patient Access

Before you begin to use Patient Access we would appreciate it if you could read the guidance below regarding the booking of appointments and ordering prescriptions over the Internet.

You can also download this guidance This is a PDF download for offline reading.

► Guidance on Patient Access

Reasons for Appointment

We would ask that you enter a reason for your appointment in the box provided when booking an appointment this gives us the opportunity to ensure that it is appropriate for you to see the doctor rather than a nurse. Please be assured that all details entered are secure and cannot be intercepted. Our practice has a strict confidentiality policy.

Missed Appointments

Please let us know if you will be unable to attend an appointment that you have booked online. Either contact us by telephone, or cancel it online. Please be aware that we require at least 30 minutes notice for any cancellation as this will allow us to offer the appointment to another patient.

We realise that there are valid reasons for not attending however we will be monitoring such occurrences on a regular basis. If you miss an appointment more than 3 times in one year we will remove your facility to use Patient Access, however you will still be able to book appointments with our receptionists.

Types of Appointments

Due to the nature of some types of appointments, we are unable to offer all of them online. Some appointments require longer than the standard 10 minute appointment time. Please ensure that you book the appointments appropriately. If you are unsure as to whether it is appropriate for you to see a nurse or a doctor or you need more than a single appointment - please contact us by telephone.

What can be booked online

Suitable Unsuitable
Suspected illness Coil insertion or removal
Illness Smears
Follow ups to previous consultations/lab results Childhood and baby immunisations
  Dressings, ear syringes, removal of stitches

Inappropriate Use

We monitor the use of this service and we are sure that you will find it useful. However if we find that the service has been abused, we will revoke your access to the service. You will have to liaise with our reception team for services.

We would consider inappropriate use as: Sending inappropriate or abusive messages, booking appointments and not using them more than 3 times a year, booking appointments for other family members using your name.

Repeat Prescriptions

Patient Access will give you a facility to send repeat medication requests to the surgery. We will still require 2 working days to process requests from when you drop off the request, and if you request medication not on your repeat list it may take longer. You can monitor the progress of your request via your Patient Access homepage (link opens in a new window). Please be aware however that although your request may be showing as 'issued', this simply means that the process is underway and we still require the usual 2 working days to allow for the processing, checking and signing of the prescription. More details of this process can be found under our repeat prescription page.

Your Responsibility

The practice will take every measure to ensure that your Patient Access application is secure. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Patient Access account remains this way. You are able to terminate or reset your account at any time by contacting the surgery in writing. You may wish to do this if you think someone else knows your login details or if you have shared details with a family member or partner and no longer wish them to know these details.

Problems with the Service

All users of the online service are advised to read the notice in the blue box above.

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