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To get the right help quickly, we encourage all patients to check the resources below before ringing us.

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eConsult online consultation service SHORTCUT ivy.gs/econsult


On October 7, 2020, we will be changing the way our GP appointments are accessed. We strongly recommend all patients read about these changes below.


On October 7, 2020, we will be changing our appointment system. We will not be offering future appointments with a GP, rather, we will be promoting eConsult and our website as the first point of contact for patients.

eConsult is a consultation/triage service where you can securely submit details of your condition or symptom to us online via our website.

Based on your submission, the GP will decide on the best course of action for you, and get a response back to you, either same day, or by the end of the next working day. This response might be, for example, clinical advice, signposting to another service or a prescription, or an offer of further contact, either by telephone, or face-to-face, either on a later date, or same day where this is clinically needed.

The system will automatically flag up any responses of concern which may indicate that we need to see you urgently or same day.

Benefits for everyone

There will be real benefits for patients and staff to using such a system:

  • improved timely access to our services
  • improved patient experience
  • patients seen on basis of clinical need
  • avoidance of full (and potentially unsafe) waiting rooms
  • enhanced patient convenience
  • maintained quality of care
  • maintained conitnuity of care
  • empowered patients who know how to self-care
  • more efficient working
  • happier staff who can manage workload and stress levels

Part of General Practice care

Use of an online consultation service is a contractual requirement for all GP surgeries mandated by NHS England. eConsult is already being used in over 3,000 practices nationally.

It has been shown that at least 70% of requests to the practice do not need an appointment. Using an online consultation service will help GPs to look after everyone.

In this practice, eConsult will be part of a system of care which will also encompass the principles that we have always promoted here at Ivy Grove:

  • self-care
  • self-help
  • signposting to services
  • symptom checking

We realise not everyone will be able to (or wish to) use this service. As all requests for GP appointments will be triaged by the eConsult service, we will assist those in this situation to complete an eConsult, thus enabling them to submit eConsults themselves in the future.

In order to get the best use out of the NHS, we strongly recommend all patients check the resources below for more information, and check frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

More about eConsult


Click the images below, download the images as a leaflet or visit the eConsult site


Click the images below, or visit the eConsult site


Click the image below, or visit the eConsult site

Information videos

overview (1:45)
eConsult - the
patient journey (2:30)
How eConsult
works (2:48)
eConsult - escape
the wait (2:19)
eConsult - photo
uploads (1:27)

eConsult overview

eConsult - the patient journey

How eConsult works

eConsult - escape the wait

eConsult - photo upload

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We are currently compiling an extensive FAQs document, in the meantime, please visit the eConsult demo site for some answers to your initial questions.

Download our FAQ document [coming soon]

Get to know our website

We encourage all patients to familiarise themselves with our website and to try out the eConsult service.

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