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Picture of UK General Practice


The Picture of UK General Practice

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State of General Practice leaflet

Picture of UK General Practice leaflet

The Picture of UK General Practice

An information leaflet for our patients (2 of 2)

No, it's definitely not just us!

Given our explanations of issues with General Practice, you may think we're just overstating things and it's just us having problems. You may even think we're lying!

National Crisis in General Practice Confirmed

In one of the biggest surveys of General Practice, in December 2015, the BMA (link opens in a new window) asked GP Practices all over the country some topical questions on their services. Over 3,000 practices responded. It's safe to say that the results are representative of what is happening in General Practice at the moment and the findings mirror the results of other surveys that have been carried out.

Practices were asked on Key Issues…

  1. How would you describe the current workload within your practice?
  2. How has the quality of service that your practice is able to deliver to patients changed over the last 12 months?
  3. How would you describe the financial viability of your practice over the next 12 months?
  4. Do any GPs in your practice have firm plans to retire or leave General Practice within the next 12 months?
  5. How many long term vacancies does your practice currently have, that you have not been able to fill for 3 or more months?
  6. Over the last 12 months, how often has your practice had difficulty finding locum cover?
  7. How has the demand for appointments changed over the last 12 months?

With permission, we reproduce the results of the survey here (link opens in a new window), with blue indicating a more positive response and red a negative one, along with what those colours actually mean for each image. The results are striking.

1. Current Workload

BMA heatmap

KEY:   blue Low    green Manageable    yellow Usually Manageable    orange Often Unmanageable    red Unmanageable

Amber Valley:    orange Often Unmanageable

2. Quality of Service

BMA heatmap

KEY:   blue Improved    yellow No Change    red Deteriorated

Amber Valley:    yellow No Change

3. Financial Viability

BMA heatmap

KEY:   blue Strong    green Reasonable    orange Weak    red Unsustainable

Amber Valley:    orange Weak

4. GPs Leaving

BMA heatmap

KEY:   blue No    yellow Retire    red Leaving UK General Practice

Amber Valley:    yellow Retire

5. Number of Long-Term Vacancies

BMA heatmap

KEY:   blue Low    yellow Medium    red High

Amber Valley:    yellow Medium

6. Difficulty Finding Locum Cover

BMA heatmap

KEY:   blue Never    yellow Occasionally    red Frequently

Amber Valley:    red Frequently

7. Level of Demand

BMA heatmap

KEY:   blue Less    yellow No change    red More

Amber Valley:    red More

What's the picture in Amber Valley?

Whilst individual experience may be different, the average responses for practices in Amber Valley were:

  1. Current Workload – "Often unmanageable"
  2. Quality of Service – "No change"
  3. Financial Viability – "Weak"
  4. GPs Leaving – "Retire"
  5. Number of Long-Term Vacancies – "Medium"
  6. Locum Cover Difficulty – "Frequently"
  7. Level of Demand – "More"

Find out more yourself and get the right help

Information in this leaflet was compiled from BMA's Urgent Prescription for General Practice campaign. Visit BMA's site at bma.org.uk and see the picture for yourself at heatmaps.bma.org.uk (links opens in a new window).

To get the right help for your condition, visit our single landing page at: ivy.gs/help.

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Politics of General Practice video

► Postscript

If you have finally got to the bottom of this page, you are obviously interested in or concerned about this important issue! All facts and figures on this page can be fully corroborated by those inclined to conduct their own research. In doing so, readers are therefore very welcome to come to their own conclusions about what is currently happening in the NHS and in particular, General Practice.

If you remain concerned about the future of the NHS, and especially General Practice, widely considered to be the cornerstone of the NHS, you too can write to your local MP or to the Health Secretary. As GPs, we have already been repeatedly advised by our leaders to write and make our feelings known, in last ditch attempts to get the message through to policitians and the public. As patients, but also as voters, you may wish to do the same. You can find details of your local MP at They Work For You (link opens in a new window).

If you wish to provide feedback on this leaflet, please use our contact form.

Rest assured, all the dedicated and professional doctors and staff here at Ivy Grove Surgery will endeavour to continue to provide high quality and friendly family health care to all our patients within the constraints as outlined above.

This leaflet, excluding images, is © Dr M Wong, August 2016 (v1.01) and may not be reproduced without permission. Images are used by kind permission from the BMA (link opens in a new window) with thanks. Practices wishing to use our words in their own leaflet or website should get in touch first.
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