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Get involved in the Patient Group

If you are one of our patients, and want a say in improving the service we give and want to take part in discussion and decision making, then please consider coming along to the meetings and joining our PG. If you are going to attend, please let our manager Charmagne, or deputy manager, Janette, know by ringing 01773 514130. The date of the next meeting will be posted on our home page.

Join in Online Discussion

Some patients may wish to get involved in the PG but may be unable to attend face to face meetings.

In order to help improve communication between all patients who are interested in the PG and those who regularly attend face to face meetings of the PG, we have set up an online discussion forum for patients (link opens in a new window).

This online PG can discuss issues, ask questions, conduct surveys and communicate with each other through postings and messages as necessary. Because the PG is only open to registered patients, access to our group is restricted to registered patients only, and its activities, postings and online discussions will not be available on public listings on the internet. ► More info

To join the online PG, you must either be invited, or you can submit your membership request first (link opens in a new window). We will then confirm your subscription once we have identified that you as a registered patient. Because of these restrictions, you will need to have an account associated with Google, who hosts our group. There are two ways to join the online PG as shown below.

Join our online group with your existing email address ► More info

You can use any existing email address to join the group - you do not need to have a specific Googlemail or Gmail address. To do this, you can associate your existing email address with a Google account (link opens in a new window).

Join our online group with a new Gmail address ► More info

If you wish to open a new Google account and get a new Gmail address to use with our group, you can sign up for a new account (link opens in a new window).

We apologise if this process seems unnecessarily protracted and cumbersome, but this is necessary to protect the confidentiality of the PG membership and to enable free and open discussion without undue influence. If you are interested in joining the online PG, please submit your email below, or visit the group (link opens in a new window).

Contact the Group

You can contact the group in several ways.

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